Texas Assistive Technology Network Statewide Conference – June 16-18, 2010

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Linda Burkhart

Picture of presenter Linda BurkhartPresenter: Linda J. Burkhart

Affiliation: Private Consultant

Contact information: [email or website]

Session Title: PODD Part 1:  Pragmatic Organization of Vocabulary – What is that?

Session Description: Children who are nonverbal and face severe physical and multiple challenges, have little means to clarify intent through these methods. Come learn about a light tech and high tech vocabulary organization system designed to address this issue: Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Displays (PODD – Gayle Porter, Melbourne Australia).

Podcast Interview:

[insert transcription as a PDF]

[insert podcast as mp3]

Session Title: PODD Part 2: Partner-Assisted Communication: Moving from Receptive Use to Expression with PODD Communication Books

Session Description: This session is a continuation of the morning session “PODD Part 1.  Children who face severe physical and multiple challenges, who will eventually use light tech or high tech scanning for communication, need to learn language in the same format that they will be using expressively.  It is now clearly evident that using a partner-assisted scanning communication system, receptively, to talk to the child in context, is critical for the child to develop the cognitive framework for how such a system could be used expressively.  How do you know the child is ready to move to expressive communication?  How can you facilitate initiation and expression of intents.  This session will explore the process of moving from receptive language to expressive language – using partner-assisted scanning communication.

Podcast Interview:

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  1. John McCann said

    Can you give any informationabout people who use thes devices in work areas?

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